#4 How Can We Win In Latin America? - With Palmira Camargo & Thibaut Saphore

Show notes

Latin America is a huge, complex and fast changing market. Our two experts that lead Essity's business in the continent, share their approach on how to win over disrupted markets and tell us why this approach might be part of the continent's DNA. Collaboration for positive change: Essity initiated partnerships and projects to educate, influence and captivate people on the topic of improving hygiene and to raise awareness on a global scale.

Find out more about our partnerships here: https://www.essity.com/company/essentials-initiative/partnerships/

Find out more in Essity's Hygiene and Health Report 2020-21: https://www.essity.de/Images/Essity_Hygiene_and_Health_Report_2020_21_tcm345-110568.pdf

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